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Our vision

For Gooiland Makelaardij every assignment is unique, and yet they always have one aspect in common. A comfortable, suitable housing situation is essential to your ‘sense of home’. Your home should be the best place in the world! 

Of course, there is a lot we would like to tell you, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you, to let you know what is happening on the market. But listening to what you have to say, to what your wishes are is equally important. These days, change comes quickly. We believe that this volatility offers us the opportunity to outrival the average estate agent. By implementing the feedback we receive from viewers and clients we constantly improve our service, so that we can do an even better job for our clients. In short, we enjoy setting the bar high for ourselves, which is why we invite all our clients to rate our services.
We understand that selling or buying a home has an enormous impact on the lives of the people involved. That is why we believe it is important that the consumer participates and feels valued throughout the course of the assignment. Consequently, sharing our expertise is a natural part of the process: so that together, we will achieve the very best result possible. 

We have three mainstays: Active, Clear and Ambitious. You can expect us to be creative, to work in a clear and transparent manner and to demand more of ourselves than average. The fact that we thrive on working this way is illustrated by our enthusiasm and commitment.

The prospect of carefree living starts at Gooiland Makelaardij. That is what we mean by: ‘where a home begins’. Your home.

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