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Certified mortgage advice

Mortgage Advice
Finding the lowest mortgage interest rates may be doable for most of us, but securing the best mortgage to suit your specific needs and desires is best left to the experts. There are several mortgage types and a myriad of money lenders out there, but every individual bank only offers a few mortgage loan types. Every situation requires a tailored solution, one that takes your personal motivations and future perspectives into account. And on a more practical note: you’ll also want to know what your maximum budget is and what the corresponding monthly expenses are. 

Certified Mortgage Advice
Gooiland Makelaardij has an exclusive partnership with A&S financial advisors. For five years in a row A&S was awarded the title of best advisor by Independer. For an advice you can click here.

Are you considering the purchase of a home? Consult your mortgage advisor first so that you know in what price range you can find your dream home.